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The NEUROSURGIC community

- is a place where neurosurgeons come together to learn from each other; to get and give advice, and share their experience and expertise. Whether you are a younger neurosurgeon, or a trainee, seeking advice, guidance or help, or a senior neurosurgeon willing to support and teach younger colleagues, and share your knowledge and experience with others - the NEUROSURGIC community has the tools and environment for powerful and rewarding professional networking.



When you register at NEUROSURGIC you get your own member page, where you can set up your profile and present information about yourself, includingcontact information and CV. You can connect with other members and communicate directly with them through our Personal Message System (PMS) omitting the unnecessary exposure of your e-mail address. The member page also provides an overview of your contributions to NEUROSURGIC, with tabs showing your articles, forum posts, blog entries, comments etc. An invitation-tool gives you the opportunity to participate in expanding the network, by inviting your friends and colleagues to join the community. Furthermore, the member page contains a surgical logbook, where all neurosurgical procedures conducted by the member can be logged and presented in table form or various graphical forms. These forms can be made accessible to any other member(s) or member groups chosen.


The default list is the All members list, listing all currently registered NEUROSURGIC members. The dropdown search list contains member lists by countries, and the search members link provides afunction where one can search members by user names and countries.


The groups at NEUROSURGIC are for members too. You can join any of the "open" groups at NEUROSURGIC, but othergroups requirean invitation to join. You can also create your own group.



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