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DuraSealExact.jpgCovidien DuraSeal Exact Gets FDA Approval

In a Press Release Covidien announces that FDA gave its approval for the company's DuraSeal Exact spine sealant, a device designed to help to fix teared dura during spinal surgeries. The material was developed for quick setting so as to prevent unnecessary leaking of spinal fluid, and comes in attractive blue so as to be easily seen when applying.

DuraSeal Exact spine sealant is formulated with a lower molecular weight than its predecessor, resulting in decreased post-application swelling and allowing surgeons to confidently use the product in spinal surgery. The product is absorbed over a 9-12 week time period, demonstrating a much longer persistence than fibrin glues.

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NeuroMind.jpgUpdate of NeuroMind - free iPhone app for neurosurgeons

Dr Pieter Kubben, Netherlands, has released an update of NeuroMind. NeuroMind is the #1 downloaded neurosurgical iPhone app and, in the last year, has been updated with native iPad and Android versions.

NeuroMind contains a wide range of information, from neurological and neurosurgical scores, anatomical images  to the WHO Safe Surgery checklist items.
This app has been downloaded 40,000 times and made it into widely cited lists like the “Top 10 Free iPhone Medical Apps for Healthcare Professionals” (both in the original and the updated version).

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Elana.jpgElana Device for Intracranial Artery Bypass Gets FDA approval

Standard bypass surgery in the brain requires clipping the artery to halt blood flow during the procedure. The ELANA (Excimer Laser Assisted Non-Occlusive Anastamosis) Surgical Kit allows neurosurgeons to create a bypass without shutting off the blood flow. It consists of a small platinum ring and a hand piece connected to a surgical laser and suction tubing.

Possible indications for the ELANA procedure includes cerebral aneurysm, tumors at the base of the skull that could impact blood flow in brain arteries, or other issues that could complicate conventional surgery.

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Rehman2.jpgA substantial contribution to international neurosurgery

Dr. Safi Ur Rehman retired from his position as a neurosurgeon in Hong Kong more than 2 years ago. He read about the Ethiopian training program at NEUROSURGIC.com (read more here) and joined the programme as a teacher in late July 2010. He then served as a volunteer for 7 consecutive months, leaving late February 2011. During this period, he was joined by 8 other international colleagues serving for shorter periods. His presence thus gave teacher continuity to the programme; during the entire period he worked indefatigably, always with the patients’ best in mind.


RhinoChill.jpgRhinoChill Non-Invasive Head Cooling System

BeneChill (San Diego, CA) has partnered with Medtronic's Physio-Control division to release the RhinoChill IntraNasal Cooling System in Europe.  RhinoChill cools the head and body and is designed for fast application on patients status post cardiac arrest, stroke or traumatic brain injury.

The RhinoChill System uses a non-invasive nasal catheter that sprays a rapidly evaporating, inert coolant liquid into the nasal cavity, a large area situated beneath the brain that acts as a heat exchanger. As the liquid evaporates, heat is directly removed from the base of the skull and surrounding tissues via conduction and indirectly through the blood via convection.

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