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News about neurosurgical products are presented here.

Miethke proSA Adjustable Hydrocephaus Shunt

Aesculap has released an adjustable, gravitational shunt valve, the Miethke proSA. The gravitational valve controls the flow of cerebrospinal fluid depending on whether the wearer is horizontal or upright. The physician has the option of using preset flow rates or adjusting them as needed using a compatible valve.

The flow rates for horizontal and vertical positions can be adjusted independently of each other, a feature that, according to Aesculap, should help improve the daily comfort of its users.


Read more on Medgadget.

Read more in Press Release.




InSightec´s Transcranial Focused Ultrasound received CE mark

InSightec, Tirat Carmel, announced in a press release that its transcranial focused ultrasound system, ExAblate® Neuro, has been awarded the European CE mark for the treatment of neurological disorders in the brain including essential tremor, Parkinson’s disease and neuropathic pain.

ExAblate® Neuro offers a non-invasive treatment with no ionizing radiation, which treats tissue deep in the brain through an intact skull. MR guided Focused ultrasound (MRgFUS) combines therapeutic acoustic ultrasound waves with continuous MRI guidance.


Read more on Medgadget.

Read more in Press Release.




Virtual Learning iPad app for EVD

Advanced Medical Imaging and Visualization Unit at Bangor University, Wales, has developed a surgical training tool for the iPad tablet called  ‘VCath’, designed to take a neurosurgical trainee through the steps of positioning and inserting a external ventricular drainage into the brain of a virtual 3D patient.

The Ipad app is available for free.

This tool will soon undergo a validation study on the effectiveness of VCath as a training tool. This will be in collaboration with the neurosurgery departments at theLeeds General Infirmary, and Wales University Hospital, Cardiff.

Read more in Press Release: http://medical-imaging.org.uk/PDF/VCath%20Online%20PDF.pdf

Download for free here (Itunes): https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/vcath/id568887198?ls=1&mt=8




Mazor Renaissance Robotic Surgery Guidance System used for Brain Surgery


Mazor Robotics, from Israel, has announced that the first robot-guided brain surgical procedures using the Mazor Renaissance platform have been successfully performed.

Applications in the brain will be for biopsies, shunt placements and neurostimulation electrode placement such as for deep brain stimulation. In these procedures it will be an alternative to the use of stereotactic frames for navigation.


According to the company, the robot’s precision, simplicity and safety profile have the potential to increase patient comfort, improve surgical accuracy and provide a less invasive approach, as well as potentially increase utilization of the installed base.


Read more on Medgadget.

Read more about Renaissance.


OmniGuide releases next generation CO2 laser system

OmniGuide, Cambridge, MA, US is releasing the new FELS-25A Intelliguide surgical laser for minimally invasive surgery.

According to the Press Release: The Intelliguide is an automated, high precision CO2 laser for use with OmniGuide’s breakthrough BeamPath® fibers, creating a solution that significantly improves precision, access and control in surgical cutting.

OmniGuide leverages the benefits of CO2 laser, known to be one of the safest, most effective and most precise surgical cutting modalities available to improve minimally invasive surgical outcomes.


Read more on Medgadget.

Read more in Press Release.


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