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Want to stay updated? Let NEUROSURGIC help you. We scan the major neurosurgical journals each month for papers with clinical relevance. Last updated 2015-12-12. Click on the title to read the abstract.

Recommencement of anticoagulation in chronic subdural haematoma: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Aswin Chari, Tiago Clemente Morgado & Daniele Rigamonti

British Journal of Neurosurgery 28:1:2-7, 2014. doi:10.3109/02688697.2013.812184


Adjacent Segment Disease After Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion in a Large Series

Bydon, Mohamad MD; Xu, Risheng MA; Macki, Mohamed BS; De la Garza-Ramos, Rafael MD; Sciubba, Daniel M. MD; Wolinsky, Jean-Paul MD; Witham, Timothy F. MD; Gokaslan, Ziya L. MD; Bydon, Ali MD

Neurosurgery 74:2:139–146, 2014. doi: 10.1227/NEU.0000000000000204

Link to free article: http://journals.lww.com/neurosurgery/Fulltext/2014/02000/Adjacent_Segment_Disease_After_Anterior_Cervical.11.aspx


Effect of Abdominal Insufflation for Laparoscopy on Intracranial Pressure.

Kamine TH, Papavassiliou E, Schneider BE.

JAMA Surg. 2014 Feb 12. doi: 10.1001/jamasurg.2013.3024. [Epub ahead of print]


Continuous Antihypertensive Therapy Throughout the Initial 24 Hours of Intracerebral Hemorrhage: The Stroke Acute Management With Urgent Risk-Factor Assessment and Improvement-Intracerebral Hemorrhage Study.

Kobayashi J, Koga M, Tanaka E, Okada Y, Kimura K, Yamagami H, Okuda S, Hasegawa Y, Shiokawa Y, Furui E, Nakagawara J, Kario K, Okata T, Arihiro S, Sato S, Nagatsuka K, Minematsu K, Toyoda K; for the SAMURAI Study Investigators.

Stroke. 2014 Jan 14. [Epub ahead of print]


Risk factors and outcomes associated with surgical site infections after craniotomy or craniectomy

Hsiu-Yin Chiang, Ph.D., M.S., Aparna S. Kamath, M.D., M.S., Jean M. Pottinger, M.A., Jeremy D. W. Greenlee, M.D., Matthew A. Howard III, M.D., Joseph E. Cavanaugh, Ph.D., and Loreen A. Herwaldt, M.D.

Journal of Neurosurgery 120:2:509-521, 2014. DOI: 10.3171/2013.9.JNS13843.


Chronic Subdural Hematoma Management: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of 34829 Patients.

Almenawer SA, Farrokhyar F, Hong C, Alhazzani W, Manoranjan B, Yarascavitch B, Arjmand P, Baronia B, Reddy K, Murty N, Singh S.

Ann Surg. 2013 Oct 3. [Epub ahead of print]


Third-generation cephalosporins as antibiotic prophylaxis in neurosurgery: What's the evidence?


Weiming Liua, Marian Christoph Neidertb, Rob J.M. Groenc, Christoph Michael Woernleb, Hajo Grundmannd

Clinical Neurology and Neurosurgery 116:13-19, 2014.


The Pterional and Suprabrow Approaches for Aneurysm Surgery: A Systematic Review of Intraoperative Rupture Rates in 9488 Aneurysms

Venkatesh S. Madhugiri, Sudheer Ambekar, Paritosh Pandey, Bharat Guthikonda, Papireddy Bollam, Benjamin Brown, Osama Ahmed, Ashish Sonig, Mayur Sharma, Anil Nandaemail

World Neurosurgery 80:6:836-844, 2013


Ventriculoperitoneal Shunt 30-Day Failure Rate: A Retrospective International Cohort Study

Al-Tamimi, Yahia Z. MD; Sinha, Priyank MRCS Ed; Chumas, Paul D. FRCS (SN); Crimmins, Darach FRCS (SN); Drake, James FRCSC; Kestle, John. MD; and the British Pediatric Neurosurgery Group Audit Committee; Hayward, Richard FRCS (SN); Solanki, Guirish A. FRCS (SN); Thomson, Simon FRCS (SN); Thorne, John FRCS (SN)

Neurosurgery 74:1:29–34, 2014. doi: 10.1227/NEU.0000000000000196

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