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How I do it

A collection of Blog Entries from our members describing how they undertake a particular procedure or use an instrument in their neurosurgical practice.
We welcome all our members to contribute to this collection by writing a Blog Entry. You can describe your technique with text, images and/or video clips.

Treatment of pneumocephalus

Oxygen therapy increases pneumocephalus absorption. Find description here.

Foley's catheter - multiple uses in Neurosurgery

How to use a Foley's catheter to achieve retraction of the brain. The blog entry can be found here.

A trephine with adjustable dura guard

A description of a trephine with adjustable dura guard can be found here.

A simple method of surface marking of brain tumour

One of the most important step in achieving very good results in neurosurgery is the ability to correctly mark the tumour position on scalp of the patient. Find tips here.

Reconstruction of craniotomy burr holes with compressed autologous bone dust

A technique for reconstruction of burr holes. The blog entry can be found here.

Avoiding leaving cotton patty

How to avoid accidentally leaving foreign materials, e.g. a cotton patty, inside a patient's body. The blog entry can be found here.

A growing skull fracture - operative steps

How to operate a growing skull fracture. Find tips here.

Left Intraventricular Tumour resection

Description of a Superior Frontal Transulcal Transcortical Approach can be found here.

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