Sub-specialization in Neurosurgery.

What constitutes GENERAL Neurosurgery(only shunts and subdurals....)?How far should sub-specialization in various fields  in neuro-SX be encouraged and at what  level of training of the resident should that decision be taken?

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Consultant Neurosurgeon
written by babarnslgh, March 01, 2013
I think that all the residents must be trained in all aspects of Neurosurgery until they pass their residency. After qualifying the basic exit examination one can decide about the Speciality of his interest.A qualified Neurosurgeon must have knowledge of all areas of Neurosurgery and only the Shunts and Subdurals.
A Neurosurgery residency program must include all the area of interest for the sake of patients presenting in the Neurosurgery clinic.If we will go only to the sub speciality level skipping the general knowledge regarding Neurosurgical skills it will be not helpful at all in developing part of world where the ratio of Neurosurgeon to population is still flagged red.

Dr. Babar Butt

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